• Please refrain from coming to the centre if either you or your child are, or have been, particularly unwell. Some children using our services have weak immune systems and therefore are more at risk of infection if exposed to illnesses.
  • We follow the Health Protection Agencies Guidance on Infection Control in Schools and Other Childcare Settings to help us inform parents and carers how long their child is required to refrain from attending the centre if they are unwell.
  • If you or your child has had sickness or diarrhoea we ask that you do not come to the centre until you have been clear of the symptoms for at least 48 hours.
  • If your child has been unwell or had a recent head injury we would appreciate it if you informed a staff member so they can be aware of and alert to your child’s needs.
Enhanced Children's Centre


If you are finding it difficult financially, Foodbank can provide emergency food for up to three days.

If you are in need of a voucher please get in touch with us.

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Enhanced Children's Centre, West Hill Primary School, 5 Merton Road SW18 5ST

Phone: (020) 8877 0758

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Opening times and term dates


Monday - Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm
Saturday 10am - 11:30am (second Saturday of the month only)

Half Term: Monday 22 to Friday 26 October

The centre is closed: Bank Holidays, 3 and 13 September for staff training, 25 December - 1 January.

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