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The ECC invites parents to volunteer with us at the centre. There are many ways you can get involved and help out. Volunteering will give you the chance to use and share your experience and skills to benefit other families and we hope, that in doing so, you will also gain new skills and confidence yourself. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please complete the Volunteer Application Form.

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We are currently looking to fill the following positions.

Playworker / crèche worker

(regular/weekly – 2 vacancies)

This volunteer role will involve regular weekly work. You will work as part of the early years team planning, delivering and evaluating play sessions to support individual children’s development. You will learn about child development through observations of children’s play and help parents to think about their child’s next steps in learning. A key part of the role will also involve making families welcome, talking to parents and showing them around the centre.

Parent advisory board member

(regular/once every 8 weeks for a minimum of a year – 3 vacancies)

This role will involve a visit to the centre once every 8 weeks for the advisory board meeting, which lasts about an hour and a half. It may also involve reading information sent to you by email in preparation for the meeting. The main aim of the advisory board is to oversee, advise, make recommendations about the development and running of the children’s centre and report to the school governing body. You will take part in discussions, offer ideas and solutions and help make decisions. In doing so, you will represent the views of parents at the meeting.

Parent helper

(irregular/as and when needed – unlimited vacancies)

This role will involve supporting families attending group events and trips out of the centre. Some families, particularly lone parents or those with lots of children could use a helping hand when out on trips to help make their day as enjoyable and stress free as possible for the whole family! You will work as part of the ECC staff team and spend the session or day with an individual family. Your role will be to respond to the support needed by the parent but you will not be expected to care for children without their parents being present.

(regular/termly – 3 vacancies)

This role will involve working alongside a professional running parent support workshops at the ECC or in venues across the borough of Wandsworth. You may have experience of parenting in areas such as sleep, behaviour, feeding, toileting and visual communication and be keen to support other parents who are struggling. You will help prepare for the workshop (this may be done on the day or beforehand), welcome parents, offer refreshments, and support the facilitator throughout the session. You will help to get feedback from parents about what they have learned and may be asked to give follow up telephone calls to parents to see how they are getting on and if there is any further support they need.


(regular/by agreement – 1 vacancy)

This role will involve working independently to develop and maintain a sensory outdoor play space at the ECC. You will have an interest in gardening but do not have to be an expert! You might be someone who is keen to learn more about gardening but do not have the space to do it. You will be supported to talk to parents and staff to get ideas for the outdoor space.

Volunteer at Enhanced Children's Centre

Parent forum

The parent forum is made up of a group of parent members who meet regularly each term. The parent forum makes sure that the views of parents and carers are heard in the centre. The parent forum also offers a great opportunity to meet other parents and carers and share ideas. To find out more please get in touch.

Telephone: 020 8877 0758


If you are finding it difficult financially, Foodbank can provide emergency food for up to three days.

If you are in need of a voucher please get in touch with us.

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